The London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship, 2011-12

30 Sep 2011 - 00:00

The London Seminar in Digital Text & Scholarship focuses on the ways in which the digital medium remakes the relationship of readers, writers, scholars, technical practitioners and designers to the manuscript and printed book. Its discussions are intended to inform public debate and policy as well as to stimulate research and provide a broad forum in which to present its results. Although the forum is primarily for those working in textual and literary studies, history of the book, humanities computing and related fields, its mandate is to address and involve an audience of non-specialists. Wherever possible the issues it raises are meant to engage all those who are interested in a digital future for the book.

All are welcome. Seminars are held in Senate House or Stewart House, Malet Street, London, from 17.30-19.30. Refreshments are provided. For abstracts, biographical statements, directions and further information, see

13 October 2011 (Thursday).

Helena Barbas: 'The role of Narrative bifurcation in web design and
content presentation'
Room 273 (Stewart House, Second floor), 17:30 - 19:30

17 October (in conjunction with the London Authorship Forum)

David Holmes (The College of New Jersey): 'Case Studies in Traditional
and Non-traditional Authorship Attribution'
Room 104 (Senate House, 1st Floor)

17 November.

Jan Rybicki: 'The Translator’s Other Invisibility: Stylometry in

15 December 2011

Julianne Nyhan and Anne Welsh: 'Hidden Histories: Computing and the
Humanities c.1949–1980'

19 January

Robert V. McNamee: " '...of things which they were not in quest of’:
digital design and serendipity"

16 February

Katherine D. Harris (San José State University): 'A Supple Vocabulary
for Digital Scholarly Editions'

15 March

Elton Barker (Open University) and Leif Isaksen (University of
Southampton): 'Discovering and using ancient place data'
Room S264, Senate House 2nd Floor.