Autumn School on Computational Creativity (November 7-11, Helsinki)

6 Sep 2011 - 00:00
7-11 November 2011
Helsinki region, Finland
The University of Helsinki (together with Hecse and HIIT) will organize an international autumn school on computational creativity. We cordially invite PhD and MSc students and researchers who are interested in being introduced to various aspects of computational creativity by experts in the field. Previous experience of the field is not needed. We target audience that has background in computing, but we also welcome participants from other related disciplines.
The goal of computational creativity is to model, simulate or enhance creativity using computers. Different subfields of computational creativity include linguistic, musical and visual creativity, producing creative artifacts such as jokes, paintings, or musical pieces.
The autumn school covers computational creativity from the above mentioned three three angles. It focuses on several specific topics,
provisionally including:
  • Linguistic creativity: computational humor (e.g. the use of computer to generate, recognize and model humor), automatic generation of metaphors, creative text mining.
  • Visual Creativity: automated painting and creative transformation of images.
  • Musical Creativity: aided musical composition, automatic recognition of musical patterns.
Other topics will cross the above classification, for example the re-use
of existing information or the unusual application of AI techniques such
as machine learning.
We are proud to announce that leading researchers in the field will
lecture in the autumn school:
  • Simon Colton, Imperial College, UK
  • Graeme Ritchie, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Carlo Strapparava, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy
  • Paulo Urbano, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Tony Veale, University College Dublin, Ireland
Additional lecturers may still be invited to lecture in the autumn school.
The autumn school is funded by Hecse, a Finnish doctoral programme in computer science. Since Hecse will cover the costs of the autumn school programme and organization, registration to the school is free of charge. Participants only pay for their accommodation and meals (and possibly for social programme). (For members of Hecse, all expenses will be covered by Hecse.)
Registration to the event is open at

In case the number of seats have to be limited, first registrations have priority.
The venue is not decided yet, but the school will be located in the Helsinki region. Details will be added to the autumn school web page as soon as possible.
Hannu Toivonen (hannu.toivonen [at]
Alessandro Valitutti (alessandro.valitutti [at]