Call for Proposals: HASTAC 2011 Conference

30 Aug 2011 - 00:00



The University of Michigan will be hosting the 2011 annual HASTAC Conference on its Ann Arbor campus December 1-3, 2011 on the general theme of Digital Scholarly Communication.


Please submit proposals for presentations, posters or demos that explore the following range of topics, including but not limited to:


  • Reformulating scholarly projects and products for different audiences
  • Reconsidering questions of narration and argumentation, evidence and epistemology,  interactivity, and/or text/visual presentation
  • Re-mapping the routes through which scholarly products circulate and recirculate
  • Expanding the digital and new media arts to include the humanities and vice versa
  • Reshaping the global system of knowledge production in the humanities, including  access, circulation, exchange and equity both within the global north and between the global north and south
  • Generating new kinds of research, modes of teaching, and partnerships
  • Expanding new forms of dissertations and theses
  • Copyright challenges and strategies for digital scholarly communication
  •  Web design and digitization of archives for multiple and different constituencies (local communities, global peers)
  •  New forms of digitally based humanities research.


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