InterFace: Symposium for humanities and technology

3 Jun 2011 - 00:00



InterFace is a symposium for humanities and technology. From July 27-29 it is being jointly hosted by colleges across London and will be an invaluable opportunity for participants to visit this active hub of digital scholarship and practice.

The symposium aims to foster collaboration and shared understanding between scholars in the humanities and in computer science, especially where their efforts converge on exchange of subject matter and method. With a focus on the interests and concerns of Ph.D students and early career researchers, the programme will include networking activities, opportunities for research exposition, and various training and workshop activities.


The keynote speakers are:

Melissa Terras (UCL): Digitsation of Cultural Heritage and Image Processing

Stephen Scrivener (University of the Arts, London): Design Research and Creative Production

The workshops are:

Data Visualisation, lead by Andy Hudson Smith (UCL, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis)

Network Analysis, lead by Tom Brughmans (University of Southampton, Archaeological Computing Research Group) and Marco Buechler (University of Leipzig, eAqua)

Semantic Web, lead by Joe Padfield (National Gallery)

Bibliographic Software, lead by Ian Mulvany (VP New Product Development, Mendeley)

The How To talks are:

User Studies, given by Claire Warwick (UCL, Centre for Digital Humanities)

How to Get Published, given by Sarah-Louise Quinnell ( and KCL, Georgraphy) and representatives from Ashgate Publishing.

How to Get Funding in the EU and UK, given by Henreitte Brun (UCL, Laws Faculty)

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University College London 

Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

United Kingdom