ICIDS 2011:The International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

9 May 2011 - 00:00

ICIDS 2011: Call for Papers 

The Fourth International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling November 28 - December 1, 2011: Vancouver, Canada


Submission Deadline: June 24, 2011

ICIDS is the premier international conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (IDS), bringing together researchers from a wide variety of fields to share novel techniques, present recent results, and exchange new ideas.  Having been hosted successfully in Europe for the past three years, ICIDS 2011 marks the conference's first venture to an entirely new continent: North America.

Enabled by the advent of interactive digital media, Interactive Digital Storytelling redefines the experience of narrative by allowing its audience to actively participate in the story. As such, IDS offers interesting new possibilities for games, training, and learning, through the enriching of virtual characters with intelligent behavior, the collaboration of humans and machines in the creative process, and the combination of narrative knowledge and user activity into novel, interactive artefacts.

IDS draws on many aspects of Computer Science, and specifically on research in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Mixed Reality; topics include multi-agent systems, natural language generation and understanding, player modelling, narrative intelligence, drama management, cognitive robotics, and smart graphics. Furthermore, IDS is  inherently an multidisciplinary field. To create novel applications in which users play a significant role together with digital characters and other autonomous elements, new concepts for Human-Computer Interaction 
are needed, and novel concepts from theoretical work in the Humanities and interactive art are important to incorporate as well.

We welcome research papers and demonstrations -- including interactive narrative art -- presenting new scientific results, innovative
technologies, case studies, creative insights, best practice showcases, or improvements to existing techniques and approaches in the
multidisciplinary research field of Interactive Digital Storytelling and its related application areas, e.g. games, virtual/online worlds, e-learning, edutainment, and entertainment.