The ENROLLER Colloquium, 25-26.2.2011

10 Mar 2011 - 00:00

The Enroller project colloquium was held in Glasgow on 25-26 February 2011. The project is a JISC-funded collaboration between humanities scholars and eScience engineers to form an integrated access-driven repository of language and literature data. The colloquium thus marked the completion of two years of behind-the-scenes technical work to assemble a range of resources into a single access infrastructure, which allows scholars to transparently use the UK national supercomputing grid in order to perform advanced humanities searches across a wide range of large datasets. Having completed the infrastructure development stage, the first day of the colloquium therefore marked the release of an open technical preview of the Enroller portal, which can now be accessed at The next six months of the project will involve enhancing the usability and functionality of this front-end prototype.

Over the two days of the colloquium, project collaborators and users from Helsinki, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Oxford, Leeds, Oulu, Lancaster and Debrecen came to Glasgow to test the infrastructure, hear about Enroller's technical advances and the linguistic research it has enabled, and also to present papers on their own work and how it can be enhanced through Enroller. These included representatives from the Historical Thesaurus of English, the Oxford Text Archive, the Diachronic Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English, VARIENG, the Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing, Scottish Language Dictionaries, and two new JISC-funded offshoots of Enroller: the Parliamentary Discourse and Scots Words and Place-Names projects. Finally, a key theme of the conference was the practical future of the digital humanities, with time dedicated on the second day for discussions on grid and cloud computing, lobbying networks, nationally and internationally shared research infrastructures, and further collaborative initiatives between projects in this area.

Funded by JISC and based at the University of Glasgow, the Enroller project is a digital humanities collaboration between the University of Glasgow's College of Arts and the UK National e-Science Centre (NeSC), with a range of partners from commerce and higher education. The first stage of the project will end in late 2011, and its information website is at