Paul Fortier Prize

The Paul Fortier Student Prize is an award of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO). It is named in honour of the late Professor Paul Fortier (1939-2005), who was a long-serving member and Committee member of the European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH) and of the Society for Digital Humanities / Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI). He was the 2004 recipient of SDH/SEMI's Award for Outstanding Achievement, Computing in the Arts and Humanities.

The Fortier Student Prize is awarded to one of the ADHO Bursary winners at the annual Digital Humanities conference. It is awarded to the Bursary winner whose conference submission is judged by the Bursary Award Panel to be the most outstanding.


All Bursary winners in a given year will automatically be considered for the Fortier Prize.

The recipient will receive prize money of 500 GBP (five hundred GB pounds), or a round number of about the same value in the currency in which the prize is to be awarded. The recipient is expected to attend the Conference Dinner at which the Prize will be awarded.

The recipient will be invited to prepare a paper based on their conference submission for one of the ADHO publications, as agreed between the Editors. The Editor of the agreed publication will arrange for a mentor to support the Fortier Prize winner in the preparation of her/his paper, so as to offer experienced advice, to make sure the paper is of the highest possible quality, and to ensure that the process is career-enhancing for the author in terms of gaining both valuable experience and a useful addition to their CV.


Unlike other ADHO awards, the entire selection process for the Fortier Prize takes place shortly before and during the course of the annual conference:

  1. Before the conference, the Awards Panel reviews all papers accepted by the conference Program Committee. The panel then verifies eligibility and evaluates suitability to compile a preliminary slate of 3-6 papers.
  2. During pre-conference executive meetings and events, a panel of reviewers is recruited from officers of ADHO and its constituent organizations, program committee members, editorial boards of ADHO publications, and other experienced participants attending the conference.
  3. Through the course of the conference, one or more reviewers unobtrusively attend and observe each candidate presentation and make recommendations to the panel.
  4. Final selection is made by the Awards Panel and announced at the Concluding Plenary session.
  5. The publication commitment of the prize is handled through the editorial procedures of the designated ADHO publication; disbursement of the cash award is arranged through the ADHO Treasurer.

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