Susan Hockey

Susan Hockey has been an active member of the ALLC since its foundation, as a Committee member, Editor of the ALLC Bulletin, and as Chair from 1984-97, when she oversaw the startup of Literary and Linguistic Computing with Oxford University Press. She is the author of Electronic Texts in the Humanities: Principles and Practice (Oxford University Press, 2000), SNOBOL Programming for the Humanities (Oxford University Press, 1996) and A Guide to Computer Applications in the Humanities (Duckworth, 1980) and as well as numerous articles on text analysis computing, encoding issues and digital libraries for the humanities. She is Emeritus Professor of Library and Information Studies (SLAIS) at University College London (UCL), having retired from the Directorship of SLAIS in summer 2004. Her research at UCL concentrated on the intersection of humanities computing and digital libraries and archives including LEADERS (Linking EAD to Electronically Retrievable Sources) for which she was Project Director. Prior to joining UCL in 2000, she was a Full Professor in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta, and a co-investigator on the Orlando Project. From 1991-97 she was the first Director of the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities at Rutgers and Princeton Universities, where together with Willard McCarty, she founded the CETH Summer Seminar on Methods and Tools for Electronic Texts in the Humanities. She spent 1975-1991 at Oxford University Computing Services where her responsibilities included teaching computing in the humanities, the development of the Oxford Concordance Program (OCP), and serving as Director of the Computers in Teaching Initiative for Textual Studies and the Office for Humanities Communication (OHC). She was one of the two ALLC Representatives on the Steering Committee of the Text Encoding Initiative, 1987-99.