Rough Intellectual Map for Humanities Computing

Pisa report 2001

In April 2001 a meeting was held in Pisa at the invitation of Professor Antonio Zampolli to sketch out a "roadmap" for humanities computing. This meeting comprised a number of sessions on various disciplinary areas of activity. Subsequently a report on this meeting was produced by Professor David Robey (Reading UK).

This document is a version of that report reorganized from an image-mapped diagram, "A rough intellectual map for humanities computing", that was presented in the penultimate session of the meeting. This diagram is not so much itself a roadmap as a preliminary topographical survey. Perhaps needless to say, it is highly provisional, intended to provoke rather than to define discussion.

The starting point for the map is with the introductory discussion, Mapping the field. From there proceed to the map (with legend), and from the map to the individual session notes. The concluding discussion is entitled History and new directions. As background material you might also like to consult David Robey's Introduction, which also gives links to the reports.

Willard McCarty

Harold Short

July 2002