Language Resources and Evaluation (previously Computers and The Humanities)

Language Resources and Evaluation, previously Computers and the Humanities, was established in 1966 to report on significant new research concerning the application of computer methods to humanities scholarship. Regular issues and special issues are devoted to reporting relevant computer-assisted work in a broad range of fields including archaeology art history history language and text analysis linguistic and literary studies music and the performing arts as well as methodologies and applications relevant to the creation and use of digital texts databases images sound video or mixed-media. Language Resources and Evaluation also provides a forum for discussing crucial legal institutional and pedagogical issues as well as standards resource management and other concerns for the creation management and use of digital resources and on their effective integration into scholarly teaching and research. In addition to full papers Language Resources and Evaluation also publishes debates review pieces critical surveys and brief notes and discussion pieces describing projects intermediate technical results new theories methodologies or algorithms and humanities data or tools of interest to the journal readership. Letters to the editors expressing statements of opinion on issues relevant to the readership are also included.