John Nerbonne

John Nerbonne has been professor of Computational Linguistics and chair of Humanities Computing (with a secondary appointment in computer science) at the University of Groningen since 1993. He likewise has served as director of the 100-member Center for Language and Cognition Groningen 1999-2012. He has led projects on Computer-Assisted Language Learning, machine learning applied to grammar, and natural language processing techniques applied to the retrieval of handwritten documents.

John Nerbonne's current research interests are focused on the analysis of linguistic variation, especially algorithms measuring pronunciation differences, which have been applied to Dutch, German, Norwegian, American English, Sardinian, Tuscan, Catalan, Bulgarian, Croatian, Central Asian Languages and Gabon Bantu.

Nerbonne served as president of the Association for Computational Linguistics in 2002, was elected to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in 2005, and a Humboldt Prize in 2013. He served as EADH president 2012-2014 and chaired the ADHO executive committee in 2014. He is currently an honorary professor at the Philological Faculty in Freiburg.