Jan Rybicki

Jan Rybicki is Associate Professor of English Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. With a background in English literary studies, comparative literature and translation studies, he has published on stylometry in translation (“The Great Mystery of the (Almost) Invisible Translator: Stylometry in Translation”), authorship attribution (“Partners in Life, Partners in Crime?”) and gender (“Vive la différence: Tracing the (Authorial) Gender Signal by Multivariate Analysis of Word Frequencies). His latest papers includes attributive work on Harper Lee and Elena Ferrante; he has also published on various aspects of the writing of Sienkiewicz in the original and in English and Italian translation. He helped write the stylo package for R. A literary translator in his previous lifetime, he translated into Polish such authors as Golding, Gordimer, Fitzgerald, Ishiguro or le Carré.