David Beavan

David BeavanDavid Beavan is Research Manager for the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, London, UK. He manages the development of the extensive Digital Humanities project portfolio, where he works with researchers, providing assistance at all stages of project planning and organisation. David has been active in the Digital Humanities community for over 10 years, among other things delivering cutting-edge online Arts and Humanities resources for scholarly research as well as public access. His areas of interest focus on adding value to resources and data-sets, enabling new avenues of research through new and emerging technologies and the promotion of digital resources to wider audiences through public engagement and even stand-up comedy. David’s professional involvements include being a Technical Reviewer for the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and he is a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS). He currently serves as an elected member of the European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH) as Membership Offcer.