Statements by candidates

EADH Elections 2021 

Candidates statements


Silvie Cinková 

Silvie Cinková has served in the EADH exec (2019-2021) and in the EADH 2021 program committee. She has been working towards more inclusivity in EADH by a substantial reduction of the annual membership fees. In 2020, she organized an online survey among more than 100 DH researchers, which has revealed that younger researchers, typically those more "digital" ones, outside Germany and Italy, would appreciate the EADH conference to become a publication venue with indexed proceedings, since their appointments depend on recorded publications. Based on the survey outcome, she is ready to push this idea further. 

Silvie's research interests are NLP and text mining, readability and comprehension, and Germanic languages. In the academic traffic, she embraces the diversity of backgrounds and ideas but does not recognize identity politics of any kind, in particular not the critical race theory or intersectionality. She is generally skeptical about ideologies, especially in research and education. 


Jan Rybicki 

I am willing to stand for election as member of EADH’s Executive Committee. 

I have been on the EC in 2015-2018. I am willing to once again contribute to our community. I am aware of the challenges it faces as we hope to re-emerge from the current pandemic and to build a more diverse and more even scientific playing field, with visible representation of various academic cultures. 

I am Associate Professor at the Institute of English Studies, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. My main scholarly interests include literary translation, comparative literature, and stylometry. My main organizational contribution to our field was as co-organizer (with Maciej Eder) of the 2016 Digital Humanities conference in Kraków. 

I am also a (more or less) active literary translator, having translated some 30 books from English by authors such as Coupland, Fitzgerald, Golding, Gordimer, le Carré, or Winterson.