Post date: 19 December 2016

The fourth DHBenelux Conference ( will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 July 2017. The conference will be hosted by Utrecht University and is open to everyone, including researchers from outside the Benelux.

Post date: 19 December 2016

The DH2017 Program Committee invites proposals for workshops and tutorials. The submission deadline is February 17.

Post date: 24 March 2016

The Program Committee for Digital Humanities 2016 (Kraków, Poland) is pleased to announce that registration has opened.

Post date: 24 March 2016

The AIUCD 2016 conference is devoted to the representation and study of the text under different points of view (resources, analysis, infrastructures), in order to bring together philologists, historians, digital humanists, computational linguists, logicians, computer scientists and software engineers and discuss about the text.

Post date: 01 March 2016

The ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee now invites proposals to host the following DH conference, in 2019.

Post date: 17 February 2016

Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is a project looking at a day in the work life of people involved in digital humanities computing. Every year it draws people from across the world together to document, with text and image, the events and activities of their day. The goal of the project is to weave together the journals of participants into a resource that seeks to answer, “Just what do digital humanists really do?"

Post date: 03 February 2016

The (preliminary) programm of DHd 2016 has been published and EADH makes available one bursary of € 300 for participants of the 2nd EADH day whose proposal has been accepted.

Post date: 30 January 2016

The 3rd DH Benelux conference will take place on 9-10 June 2016, at the City-of-Science-Belval, Luxembourg organised by the Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE) and the University of Luxembourg.

Post date: 01 January 2016

The Second Annual European Association for the Digital Humanities Symposium (EADH Day) will be held in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference of the "Association Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (Digital Humanities in German speaking regions)" which will take place at the University of Leipzig from the 7th to the 12th of March 2016.

Post date: 11 December 2015

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Standing Committee on Awards has announced the Call For Nominations for the 2017 Antonio Zampolli Prize. The Zampolli Prize recognizes a single output in the field of Digital Humanities by any scholar or scholars at any stage of their careers. As such, it offers a unique opportunity to reward individual projects that have been either formative or had a decisive impact upon the field as a whole. As the prize is awarded to the project as a whole, the recipients can be a single individual or a collaborative group of scholars, researchers and/or practitioners. The output recognized can take any form: published research, developed resources or tool(s) for research. To be eligible for the prize, the nominated project must involve in the innovative use of information and communications technologies.

Post date: 05 December 2015

We are glad to announce that a member of our Executive Committee, Elena Gónzález-Blanco, has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant 2015 for POSTDATA – POETRY STANDARDIZATION AND LINKED OPEN DATA.

Post date: 25 November 2015

We are glad to announce that our current EADH president, prof. Karina van Dalen-Oskam, has been elected new chair of the ADHO Steering Committee (SC).

Post date: 29 September 2015

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) seeks a webmaster whose primary responsibility will be maintaining and developing ADHO's content management systems.

Post date: 23 September 2015

The Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen Young Scholar Prize was established in 2013 to honour her memory.

Post date: 22 August 2015

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) has announced the formation of the Special Interest Group Libraries and Digital Humanities.

Post date: 14 July 2015

The CLARIN ERIC General Assembly has unanimously supported the proposal by the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors to appoint 4 new members and to prolong the term of the 4 sitting members for a period of 3 years, starting on July 1st 2015.

Post date: 21 May 2015

The European Association for Digital Humanities has established a group on both Facebook and LinkedIn. The purpose of these groups is to allow our community to share relevant information / events / research. We are currently in the process of populating some of the boilerplate information / policy settings, but membership requests are now being accepted. Please note that we are using admin approval on both sites as a means of protecting against spam - all are welcome!